The view of the mosque

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Belal Mosque was established in 1362 of solar calendar (1983) by the help of Ayatollah Moosavi Jazayeri, Imam of Friday prayers of Ahvaz, in a land with an area of 2500 square meters. A number of residents of the district were of great help in the process of establishing the mosque, particularly the three martyrs of this district: Tamimian, Attar, and Behmanesh. 


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Throughout the eight years of holy war, Belal Mosque was one of the centers for dispatching volunteer forces to the frontlines of the war. Sheikh Ahmad Ja’farian, Ahmad Reza Attar, Mehdi Tamimian, Hamzeh Behmanesh, and Masoud Ghobadi were among the martyrs who had been dispatched to the frontlines of the war from this Mosque. At the present time, a number of the families of the martyrs are residents of this district. 

In order to honor the high status of the martyrs and appreciate their dignified families, who were described by Imam Khomeini as the lights and lanterns of this nation, an annual meeting is held to commemorate the martyrs of Belal Mosque. In the near future, the website of martyrs will be inaugurated (

Collective prayers

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The daily obligatory prayers (morning, noon, after noon, evening, and night) are held in a collective manner.

Also, the praying ceremony of Eid al-Fitr (the festival at the end of Ramadan) is held in this mosque in the presence of a large number of residents of this district.

Reciting of light (Quran)

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The reading of one page of Quran and discussing some of its points is one of the programs held in the Belal Mosque of Ahvaz after the prayers of evening and night throughout the year (except Ramadan). Up to now, one course of Quran interpretation and teaching has been held in this mosque for the lovers of Quran.

Praying ceremonies

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The praying ceremonies in the Belal Mosque of Ahvaz are held throughout the year in the following way:

Monday nights: Ziarat Ashura (This ceremony is held in the houses of the residents. At the present time, such ceremonies are held in 60 houses). 

Tuesday nights: Tavasol praying

Thursday night: Komeil praying

Friday morning: Nodbeh praying

Friday night: Ziarat Al-Yasin

In addition, the reciting of Joshan Kabir, Mojir, Eftetah, and Abo-Hamzeh Thomali prayers are among the ceremonies held in Ghadr nights (the night when the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad).

Cultural groups

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A cultural group is a group of teenagers who study at the same level and learn Quranic and religious lessons as well as ways of life. These groups are guided by a head. The heads of the groups are usually religious clerics. Cultural journeys and sporting events are some of the other programs of these groups.


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Commemoration ceremonies and special occasions such as Ashura mourning (in Moharam and Safar), Fatemieh days, Eid al-Ghadeer, and Mid-Sha’ban are some of the most important ceremonies held in the Belal Mosque of Ahvaz.

Also, in the anniversaries of the holy members of prophet’s family, special oration and eulogy ceremonies are held in the mosque.

Taekwondo club

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Shahid Ja’fari taekwondo club of Belal Mosque has been an attracting place for youths and teenagers who are interested in martial arts. This club is one of the active participating clubs in provincial competitions. Some of the former members of this club are now among the taekwondo referees and coaches of the country.